About Us

Urban United is an events group in Second Life. Our events have a twist of some sort to stand out from other events and are shared largely over social media to bring in a wider variety of customers and a potentially bigger crowd.

We are not responsible for the amount of sales you make at our events. We can not force people to buy every single item. We do our share in spamming for events and advertising events. We are a new events community and we are still trying to build a customer base. So, you, yourself, need to spam your items too and advertise that you too are in our events as well.

Being a content creator/designer for a store ourselves we try to create items that may appeal to a wider customer base. This does help with sales, so keep in mind that if you create an item a small customer base appreciates, not everyone appreciates it.

This is the hard reality of being a content creator in Second Life and the gamble you take in participating in ANY event in Second Life.



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